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The American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE), which is managed by Easi, has been awarded a Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for conservation assessment.
AMSE operated by Easi in Oak Ridge, Tennessee received the Award of Excellence from the Tennessee Association of Museums at their 2005 annual conference. The was presented in recognition of the exhibit “Bugs”.


Easi Manages Gravitational Research Facilities

Easi is responsible for maintaining, repairing, upgrading and operating the Acceleration Facilities at Ames Research Center for the Gravitational Research Branch of the Code S Life Sciences Division. This facility consists of eight centrifuges, two linear sleds, and associated laboratories and machine shops.

Examples of the work performed demonstrate the broad range of capabilities that Easi brings to ARC. This includes:

  • Maintaining and operating the 20 G Centrifuge in a reliable and safe manner for human studies
  • Designing and fabricating custom hardware (for example, heated enclosures to incubate quail eggs while under centrifugation)
  • Upgrading sophisticated control and data acquisition systems for all facilities
  • Modifying laboratory space to meet the requirements for animal research operations
  • Assuming the responsibility of and reporting on all aspects of safety in all the laboratories and shops supporting the Acceleration Facilities.
  • Easi also assists in the scheduling and support of experiments by principal investigators both internal and external to NASA. Easi hires consultants and test subjects as required to ensure that the facilities and the experiments receive the full skill support needed for success.
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